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Our Churches

There are 10 Church buildings in our benefice (in addition to the 8 Church buildings that currently hold regular services we also have the festival churches of St. Peter's in Wolfhamcote and the Church of the Good Shepherd in Broadwell).

The Church buildings serve as a focal point for their communities with many people using the churches and church yards as places to be still and reflect during the day, whether they consider themselves Church goers or not.

There's something very special about our church buildings, however the Church is the people rather than the building and our wonderful buildings are here to facilitate worship, whether that is time spent worshipping God together in our services or moments of quiet grabbed alone when no-one else is in the building. 


Our Parish Churches are:

All Saints Leamington Hastings 

All Saints Stretton 

St Leonards Birdingbury 

St Marks Flecknoe

St Nicholas Frankton 

St Nicholas Willoughby 

St Peters Bourton 

St Peters Grandborough  

Our Festival Churches are:

St Peter's Wolfhamcote 

Church of the Good Shepherd Broadwell

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