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For many people, a church is the 'right' place to get married, but a church is much more than just a pretty location for your wedding. Making your vows before God and all your friends and family adds a very special spiritual dimension to your married life. 

All our churches are wonderful places to make your marriage vows, offering beautiful locations backed by centuries of history. 

People often ask whether they can be married in our churches. Unfortunately there are strict laws about who can and can't get married in our churches. We are only allowed to marry people who have a 'connection' to the parish (or are willing to establish a connection by worshipping with us for 6 months). You can find a list of the 'qualifying connections' you need to be married in our churches here.

If you have a qualifying connection, or are able to worship with us for 6 months prior to the wedding, the first thing to do is contact the Benefice office who will register your interest and arrange for a member of the clergy to make contact with you to discuss further. 

We'd be delighted to help you choose readings and hymns or your favourite songs and can help with flowers and music if you need it. We can also arrange an organist and choir, and bell ringing is an option too.


If you're looking for inspiration, there's lots of helpful information and ideas about organising a church wedding at the Church Of England's Your Church Wedding website.

Please note that we cannot accommodate Sunday weddings.

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