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Churchyards and Memorials

All 8 of our Churches have Churchyards that are open. That means that anyone with a connection to the parish can be buried in the Church yard and appropriate memorials can be placed to remember people who we have lost. 

Whilst we make every effort to accommodate the requests that we receive for memorials we are bound by law to follow the Churchyard Regulations that are set out by the Chancellor of the Diocese. You can  read the regulations here or alternatively discuss with the Priest in Charge.


Once you have decided what memorial you would like and are confident that it meets the regulations  the speediest way to proceed is to approach a stone mason to agree the design and ask them to submit this form to the Priest in Charge - if he is able to approve the memorial then he will simply sign the form and the stone mason can begin work  to produce and install the memorial. 

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